11 Great Pudding Shot Flavors

Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1:

Mix Powder & Liquid

Step 2:

Whisk or Blend

Step 3:

Freeze & Serve

And for the most important step of all...


What's in the Shot Kit?

What's Included In The Pudding Kit

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Our Pudding Adventure

Born out of a passion for fun!

Happy Hour Pudding was the brainchild of local husband and wife team Len & Jill Hower. While out kayaking with friends one hot summer day, someone shared Jell-O shots with the group, which sparked the thought... maybe pudding shots would be more fun? Over the winter they tried different mixes of pudding and alcohol and came up with some delicious combinations. The next summer they were a hit and a great twist on an old favorite. Going forward, Jill struggled to keep all of the ingredients on hand to make a batch quickly. She came up with the idea of prepackaged mixes with all the pudding and flavorings in the dry mix, ready to go. They are easy to

keep on hand and mix up quickly. Just add the appropriate liquid per the directions, freeze, and you’ll be ready for your next party or outing in no time.

We hope you enjoy and please

"Remember to Lick Responsibly"